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Tabulate Drop Zones


When we launch Tabulate with an open data table, a preview blank table appears letting us know what each table section is intended for or what type of data we can drag in each section.  These are the first set of drop zones, after we drag our first column of variables over one of these 3 drop zones the following drop zones are not as obvious.  They appear when we hover over specific areas with our dragged data.


The table will usually scale down some around our data however it we’ll grow as it needs to accommodating our dragged data.

The N value is a count, it defaults to total Number of that group or column of variables.


And we can change this N value by dragging another variable on top of it.


Tabulate only allows us to drag new variables or replace them where they belong or make sense, if you see this no entry symbol the data must not makes sense there.    


We can build from that initial Table to the left, to the right, in the middle, and on top of these section lines.

Now let’s Tabulate some data, I’m using JMP 12 with the Children Popularity Sample Data Table.


First, I’m going to stop for a moment look at my data and mentally visualize my final table. What am I trying to organize, summarize, categorize or group?


If you don’t know that’s fine let’s just explore it and start over if necessary.


So with this data I would like to see a table with rows of gender and analyze what boys and girls believe the motivator for popularity.

So Tabulate is only going to allow us to drop values where they makes sense.


Generally we can drag and drop to the.

  • Left of a Column
  • To the Right of a Column
  • To the Right
  • Above or below a row.
  • We can also drag to the far right of the table creating an adjoining table.

So let’s drag gender to the rows drop zone.  We could also drag gender to the top. 

Now let’s select all for Grades, Sports, Looks and Money to the Column zone on top.


Observing the counts we can see that Looks ranks 1st for Popularity influencers for girls and Sports ranks high for boys.

We may need to Experiment with a variety of drop zones to accomplish the clearest Tabulate visualization and organization of our information.


Practice with the Drop Zones the Auto Raw Data Table from the JMP Sample data, it also has a Tabulate script you can run attached to it.  Thanks for watching and enjoy using JMP.

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