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Standardize Attributes


If you've every wanted to alter the attributes or properties of multiple columns like change the Data Type from Numeric to Continuous, there is a quick way to change the properties of all columns in one interactive window.


First Select the columns you want to change, then From the Columns Menu or by right-clicking one of the Column headers. and choose "Standardize Attributes"


In this window you can change options for multiple columns.

Here, I have 4 four selected in this SAT sample data.


At the top of the window we can Recode these Column Values collectively.


We can Standardize Attributes like changing the Data Type of all four of these Columns to Numeric.

And Under Standardize Properties, I can add an identical Formula to all of the Columns selected.


I imagine if you had a wide data table with let say 200 Columns, this would be a huge timesaver.


Try this now by selecting multiple columns and right-clicking Standardize Attributes.


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