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Organizing Your Saved Scripts

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In a previous video, you learned how to save the steps for producing an analysis to the data table as a JMP Script. This enables you to re-run the analysis later.


Saving scripts to the data table is also an efficient way to save your analysis workflow and to share your analysis steps with others. This makes your entire analysis repeatable.


In this video, you learn how to organize your saved scripts using the file Impurity for


Scripts for three analyses have been saved to the data table.


When we click the green triangle for a script, JMP runs the saved script. Here, we run the script for the first distribution analysis.


Note that the analysis is re-run on the current data. So, if you add additional data or if you hide or exclude values in the data table, your analyses will produce different results.


Let’s add one more script to the data table.


We’ll run a distribution analysis for all of the variables, from Impurity through Shift.


To save this analysis, we click the top red triangle next to Distributions, and select Save Script and then To Data Table.


We’ll change the name to something more descriptive: Distribution: Impurity through Shift.


We click OK to save the script to the data table. This script is added below the original scripts in the table panel.


When you save many scripts to the data table, you might want to organize your scripts.


Let’s move this new script below the other distribution script.


To do this, we click once to select the script, and then click and drag the script to its new position.


To further organize our saved scripts, we might also want to group scripts for similar analyses together. For example, let’s say that we want to group the two distribution scripts.


To do this, we select both scripts, right-click, and select Group Scripts. We’ll rename this group Distribution Scripts. To view the individual scripts in this group, we simply click the gray icon.


We can run these scripts one at a time.


Or, if we want to run both of these scripts at the same time, we right-click the group name and select Run Script.


Finally, if we want to save the data table with these changes, we would select File and then Save. We won’t do this here.