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Importing PDFs - PDF Import Wizard



The PDF Import Wizard enables you to preview a PDF file, adjust the import settings, and view the results in the data table preview before you import the data. And to ease this process, JMP will attempt to auto-detect the data structure in the PDF file, or you can customize the structure.


Let me quickly demonstrate this by importing a PDF and Concatenating a table with the Wizard. I'll select File then Open the included Sample File called Food Distribution, which will launch the Import PDF Wizard.


Make sure you have your file set appropriately to view the PDF , I have mine set to see "All Files"


In this Wizard, a preview of the PDF file is shown on the left. A preview of the data table is shown on the right. The PDF file consists of one table on each page.


Our goal is to import the valuable Data from in the PDF. There are seven rows at the top of the PDF that we don't want to import. We also don't want the footnotes in the last row of the PDF file.


In the corner of the previewed PDF, click the red triangle and select the Number of rows to use as header then Specify rows.

I'll type 7 and click OK.


  • In the PDF file preview, the first seven rows are selected.
  • In the data table preview, the data begins on row 1.
  • In the PDF file preview, scroll down to page 2.
  • I'll drag Drag the bottom of the PDF table upward until the footnotes are no longer selected.
  • In the Table report on the right, select Concatenate all tables into one.

When you concatenate data tables, you combine rows from two or more data tables into one data table.

The red triangle in the upper left corner of the PDF preview window contains two options:

Auto-detect tables on this page this option reverts the changes you made so that the tables are auto-detected again if you previously divided or combined tables.


The Ignore tables on this page remove the tables from the page. That data is not imported.

There are also several Right-Click options in PDF Preview.

We can select Add column divider, which creates a column divider at the selected point. Choose this option to create a new column in the data table (for example, if the columns weren't auto-detected).


We can Remove column divider, which Deletes the column border at the selected point.

We can Add row divider, which Creates a row border at the selected point. Choose this option to create a new row in the data table.

We can add Remove row divider, which Deletes the column border at the selected point (for example, if the rows weren't auto-detected).

When you're done, at the bottom, click OK, and the data is imported into a data table.


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