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How do I use transform or perform calculations on a table without launching the Formula Editor?




When preparing data for analysis, you sometimes want to create new columns from existing columns. JMP offers some nice formula shortcuts.


This is a simple example where you may want to transform a column. Instead of launching the Formula Editor, right click, go to New Formula Column, and then you will see a lot of options.


Obviously, this is a silly data set for doing this, but you can easily select Log Transform. JMP generates a new column and gives it a default column name.


Likewise, you can combine columns using a formula without launching the Formula Editor. Here, if you want to subtract domestic box office sales from worldwide sales, simply select both columns, go to New Formula Column and choose Combine. Then, you will see various Combine options. Here to subtract left column value from right column value you choose Difference Reverse Order.


difference left from right.JPG