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Creating a Timestamp Row for Logging Daily or Timed Activity


Let’s say you wanted to record daily activity in a JMP data table and would like to populate the date rows automatically


or need a “time stamp" which represents the time when the new data has been entered as new row.


In a Column, create the amount of rows as your planning for your observations. 


Right-click Add Rows - Enter 30.


Then create 2 rows of dates, today and tomorrow for example.


Highlight both of those dates, Right-click then Continue Sequence to end of Table.


The second way we will use the Today argument in the formula editor and format the column as a date and time.


I created a column, right-clicked for Formula ,  added the Today argument and selected OK.


I’ll manually enter a value and there is my date. However I don’t care for it;’s format.


Under Column Info I’ll format as Time with my date structure preference.


Now whenever I enter data a nice clean timestamp appears.


Enjoy using JMP and please stop by the the JMP Community to learn more.

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