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Creating Dashboards




In this short video I’ll walk you through the process of combining multiple reports with the JMP Dashboard Builder available in the most recent versions of JMP.


Here in JMP, I have some freely available web Football data that has been joined together in a single data table.  Look for the links below if you’re interested in creating the same dashboard. 


JMP 13 introduced the DashBoard Builder and if you want to get a quick idea of what one looks like, launch JMP 13 and navigate up to New then New Dashboard then choose from Samples, Instant Dashboard. 


From that Dashboard select Run Script. 


Now back to the football data, where I’ll run thru the steps on how to build one.


I have already completed my reports and I’ll  add a local data filter inside of the Builder.


I’ll launch all 3 of my pre-built reports.  A collection of distributions,  a Graph Builder treemap and an animation ready Bubble Plot.


I’ll slide those over to the side. Now I’ll select New then New Dashboard.


From this menu I’ll select and use one of the templates, 3 horizontal reports with one report below. 


I’ll drag the Distribution report to the far right container.


The treemap  to the top center.


And then the bubble plot report to the wide container below.


Now I’ll add my last item which is a local data filter box.


I’ll Add and adjust exact parameters of the filter once I launch the Dashboard. 


Next I’ll scale up the dashboard some.


And now save this Dashboard script back to my data table using the red triangle, SAVE SCRIPT TO TABLE.


I will replace a previous Dashboard I was working on with the same name.


Now I’ll select Run Script from the Dashboard.


This will launch the presentation Dashboard and take us out of edit mode.


I’ll Add a Year Filter plus another Team name Filter.


Under the red triangle I’ll change this to Conditional so the filters are connected and if I select a team that did not exist in a certain year in will not show up in the list.  For instance Houston’s team did not get get formed until 2002 when they were an expansion team.


I can also change the Display Options to view as a list, as it is now, or a Single Category.


HOWEVER, WHEN NEEDED This will save space.


I’ll also scale and move the windows as needed.


Once that’s complete you can save your work again.


If we want to add anymore boxes, containers and align them  we can select Edit Dashboard at anytime.


In the Dashboard I can interact with the linked reports and even adjust items like increasing the bubble size.


Now it’s time to have fun exploring and presenting what this combination of reports tells us.

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