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[JMP SEA] JMP on Tuesday Session #7 : Graph Builder Tutorial

JMP on Tuesday Session #7, 2nd June, 2020

Presenter : Bass Masri (@Bass_Masri )

Topic : Graph Builder Tutorial


Thank you for your questions during the session. We're sharing the answers here for everyone and for us to improve our JMP skills together.


Recorded video of the session


Q. To show a better comparison results how many readings should be taken per experiment?


When conducting a study, one of the most important decisions made is about sample size. If the sample is too small, the result may not be sufficiently accurate to predict the performance of the population studied. The larger the sample size the more valuable the data but at an increased cost.


I highly recommend consulting the Sample Size and Power calculator under Design of Experiments and Design Diagnostics. The Sample Size and Power calculator computes the appropriate sample size based on the application and the power, confidence level and difference that you need to detect.



Q. Can you show how to put a custom text remark on one data point on graph builder?


Yes. Simply select the Text Box from the Tools Menu and type the custom text. You can even change font type colour and size of you comment to provide a greater impact.







Q. Is it possible to show Mean Diamonds by using Graph Builder?


You can create a Box Plot in Graph Builder and its good practice to add the five-number summary that can be found under the Box Plot options.



To obtain the Mean Diamonds, I recommend using the Fit Y by X platform under the Analyze Menu. You can obtain the mean diamonds by selecting Display Options under the Red Triangle menu.



You can also download the JMP journal prepared by Bass, the project files and also the one page guide attached with this post.

For the tutorial used in this session, you can access it from your JMP software. Go to Help -> Tutorials -> Graph Builder Tutorial



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