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Using Text Warranty & Performance Information to Model Product Reliability and Maintainability - Journal and slides

Resources used by Scott Wise in his Advanced Mastering session on getting added value from text data when modeling product reliability. Use the JMP Journal and view the videos to try it yourself.


Why Text Exploration in Reliability:

  • With increasing access to more reliability information, we often ignore the unstructured text data that is often included with our warranty/performance data.
  • We will show the basic steps and methods that Reliability Professionals can use to explore unstructured text to better uncover the real reliability trends in their data.

By Including Unstructured Data into Your Reliability Studies:

  • Clearly See Reliability Warranty/Performance Text Patterns and Trends and Validate Current Approaches
  • Create More Accurate Reliability Models by Incorporating Warranty/Performance Text Analysis

Basic Steps for Exploring Unstructured Text in Warranty and Performance Data

  • Summarizing – Find out the words that occur the most often in your text data
  • Preparing – Fine tune the list of biggest terms and phrases in your text data
  • Visualizing – Graphically see largest terms in your text data
  • Analyzing – Dimensionally reduce down to most important terms and topics
  • Modeling – Incorporate learning into Better Reliability and Predictive Models
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