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Using Multivariate Methods to Explore Your Data - Journal

JMP Journal used in Laura Higgins' Mastering JMP webinar, Using Multivariate Methods to Explore Your Data. 

View the video from the webcast.


Hi can you please help me getting the original data used in " Discovering PLS with JMP" Chapter 5 , topic: Predicting Biological Activity by Ian Cox and Marie Gaudard.I really need this data and the author mentioned theycan be found in Data Table "" in SAS/STAT 9.3 User's guide used in Example 69.1.  Could you please share if you have it.

Hi.  the instructions in Chapter 5 indicate that you can 'open the data table by clicking on the link in the master journal'.  If you don't have the data already, you can get it using these instructions.  You will need to use or set up a SAS profile before downloading.


1. Start at the book page:


2.  Download the data from the Example Code and Data link at the bottom of the page under Details.


3.  Download file, unzip it, and you will see the file: Discovering Partial Least Squares with JMP.jrn.


4.  When you open the journal, you will see the link to the file.  (See picture below).PLS Journal.JPG




Hi, the video corresponding to the webcast doesn't seem to be available anymore. Any chance for a check?

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