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Using JMP Pro Text Explorer to Analyze Sentiment Data - Journal, files and slides

Journal, files, and embedded JMP scripts used in Mastering JMP webinar presentation based on a 2017 JMP Discovery Summit presentation.  Use the slides, JMP Journal, JMP tables with saved scripts and video to help practice how to derive sentiments from opinions or product choices. View the video from the Mastering session.


Toronto Casino Study

  • Problem:
    • Data from a 2012 public poll on public desire for a proposed casino.
    • ~18,000 Survey Responses
    • Each Question has a score and a free text field.
  • Use as Proof of Concept for DSA workflow.
  • Findings:
    • Sentiment regarding the casino project generally falls along ideological lines.
    • Those who feel the good of the city should take priority are in favor.
    • Those who feel the good of the people themselves should take priority are generally against.
    • Sentiment Analysis is possible using the DSA workflow.

The Rains of Castamere

  • Problem:
    • Analyze the data from the twitter stream around the Game of Thrones Episode, “The Rains of Castamere.”
    • Develop a sentiment model from the twitter stream.
  • Challenge:
    • Need to use the emoji in the tweets themselves as the response in the model.
    • Need to extract , decode, and consolidate the emoji into something to model
  • Findings:
    • A script was employed to extract the emoji and recode them into something understandable.
    • Using Factor Analysis, the underlying “sentiments” could be extracted and correlated to emoji that are used to express them.