Using JMP Pro Generalized Regression Variable Selection Techniques - Journal, Files, Slides

Files, including Production data not available in JMP Pro from JMP>Help>Sample Data, used in live Mastering JMP webcast, Using JMP Pro to Build Models Using Generalized Regression Variable Selection Techniques. 


View video from the webcast.


May I get a copy of your PPT presentation? I need to parts about lasso, elstic net and ridge.


I have ordinal data and for step 1, performed Adaptive Lasso with AICc.  I got my nonzero terms, most of which show significance. I then relaunched the analysis using the active features. This time around, the results of parameter estimates do not show significance.  1). What does this mean?


2). If I am trying to understand drivers (only looking at main effects), do I just stop at  my modeling results from the first step?