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Using Formulas to Get the Most from Your Data - Journal and Files

Materials used in live webcast. Use them to practice using formulas.  The video from the Sept.  22, 2017 live Mastering JMP session on this topic will post here by Oct. 10.

Why formulas?

  • Improve productivity by using one tool to store, analyze, report, visualize and predict.
  • Automatically calculate values for added or new data.
  • Copy, share and edit formulas.
  • JMP easy-to-use Formula Editor lets you create column whose values are computed by a formula and then store that formula as part of column information
  • Formulas can be simple assignments of numeric, character, or row state constants, or they can contain complex evaluations based on conditional clauses
  • Formula values can be linked to, or dependent on, values in other columns


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