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Some menu changes in JMP 14

If you have already moved to JMP 14, you may have already located some changes in the New Features in JMP 14 document (Help>New Features). Here are some key changes:

  1. The Create Web Report menu option has been moved to the File menu. It is now called “Publish”.
  2. On Windows, the Create Excel Workbook option has been moved to the File menu. On Macintosh, it is an option in the File > Export window’s Excel list.
  3. The Save commands for SVD and Topics (Rotated SVD) have been removed from the Association Analysis red triangle menu. They are now in the SVD and Topics red triangle menus with more specific names (Save Transaction Singular Vectors” and “Save Item Singular Vectors for SVD; “Save Transaction Topic Vectors” and “Save Item Topic Vectors” for Topics).
  4. Multiple Correspondence Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling, Factor Analysis, and Item Analysis have been moved to the Multivariate Methods menu.
  5. Variable Importance has been removed from Profilers in Parametric Survival because it should not be conducted on CDF curves
  6. (JSL) Layout is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use Journal instead.
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