The World Statistics Day celebration continues here in the Community. We all need reliable data for sound decision making. Do you have a data source that you trust most? Head over to Discussions to tell us about it.
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New Mastering JMP live Friday and Thursday webinars starting Jan. 11

Here are a few new or popular one-hour webinars that kick off 2019.  View the list and register.

  • Basic
    • Producing and Interpreting Basic Statistics Using JMP  Jan. 11
    • Organizing and Getting the Most From JMP Tables
    • Basics for Using Graph Builder
    • Essentials of Designing Experiments Using JMP
  • Intermediate
    • Specialized Custom DOE for Experienced Experimenters
    • Understanding and Applying Tree-Based Methods for Predictor Screening and Modeling
    • Basic JSL for Building Interactive Dialogs to Automate Workflows
  • Advanced
    • Advanced Techniques for Visualizing Big Data
    • Using Blocking When Designing Experiments
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