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Feb 27, 2013

Mixture DOE - Slides and Case Studies

These three files are useful when viewing the demos Tom Donnelly first presented in his Mastering JMP live webcast on Mixture DOE.

Mixture DOE Webcast.pdf:  This slide presentation covers a 5-mixture DOE (2 constraints and response data), a 10-factor mixture DOE (6 mixture, 2 continuous, 1 categorical and 1 block), and a 7-component mixture DOE (with 5 and 7 constraints).  It summarizes real-world design issues addressed by the JMP custom DOE platform, shows how to read ternary plots, and describes and gives uses for 1st order (main effects), 2nd order (quadratic effects), and 3rd order (Scheffé Special Cubic) models.

JMP Complex multi-factor custom design.pdf and JMP-7mixconstraints.pdf describe the case studies used in the demos.

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