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MSA and SPC Slides, Journal and Resources

Two sets of slides overview measurement system analysis principles, including comparing Gauge R&R to the EMP (Evaluating the Measurement Process) approach described by Don Wheeler in the book EMP III –Using Imperfect Data (2006). Also included is data to use to practice using some of the techniques presented.  The data, updated regulary, is also found at


The slides were presented live and in recorded videos on Gauge R&R, EMP, and process monitoring as part of the Mastering JMP webcast series. Watch the videos at



JMP Variability Gauge Study OptionsJMP Variability Gauge Study Options


JMP Variability Gauge Study ResultsJMP Variability Gauge Study Results


JMP Gauge Study ResultsJMP Gauge Study Results


Read the Evaluating the Measurement Process: A Better Way to Do Reliability & Reproducibility Studies white paper by Don Wheeler.


Read the 2019 blog on Learning from my mistakes -- Part 4: Are your measurements to be believed? by JMP Systems Engineer, Jerry Fish.


Here are several books mentioned in the webcast:

  • EMP III (Evaluating the Measurement Process): Using Imperfect Data by Donald J. Wheeler, 2006
  • Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product by Walter A Shewhart, 2002
  • Advanced Topics in Statistical Process Control: The Power of Shewhart's Charts  by Donald J. Wheeler, 2004
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