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Links to Videos from Mastering JMP Live Webcasts record Mastering JMP live webcasts one time during each JMP release cycle and then divide them into mobile-friendly videos. After each live webcast, we may also post, in this Mastering JMP Community, short FAQ Videos from the session.

Are you a JMP advanced user? See our table of Advanced Mastering videos.

Webcast Title Video Segment Title

(Video Length mm:ss)

JMP Version Used in VideosDate PostedResources Related to Videos at Bottom of Webcast Page?
Automating Analysis and Reporting Using JMP Scripts 12 Yes
Collecting and Using JMP Scripts (13:46)12
  Saving JMP Reports Using Your Script (24:43)12
Scripting Q&A from August 7, 2015 (07:10)12
Basic Analysis and Plotting 12 Yes
Verifying Data Integrity (19:15)12

Uncovering Basic Relationships (13:36)12
Exploring Visually and Creating Management Reports (19:44)12
Basic Design of Experiments 11Yes
Optimization and Trade-Space Analysis (15:05)11
Classic Designs and Design Issues (17:08)11
Designing an Experiment with Constraints (12:24)11
Basic Statistics with JMP 10
One- and Two-Sample Analysis and Simple Regression (37:26)10
Best Practices for Design of Experiments Yes
Custom Screening and Augmenting Using RSM (25:10)11
Definitive Screening and Method Comparison (09:26)11
Building Models Yes
Stratifying Data to Test, Train, and Validate Models (14:43)11
Building Models to Identify Likely Product Candidates (22:15)11
Data Mining and Predictive Modeling 12Yes
Introduction to Data Mining and Predictive Modeling (12:12)12
Building Models Using JMP (13:27)12
Building and Comparing Models Using JMP Pro (13:36)12
Evaluating & Monitoring Your Process Using MSA and SPC 12Yes
Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (17:53)12
Evaluating the Measurement Process (EMP) (10:38)12

Process Monitoring (18:03)12
Exploratory Data Analysis and Dynamic Graphics 12No
Exploring Your Data (23:27)12
Exploring and Modeling Your Data (10:47)12
Importing and Organizing Your Data for Analysis 12No
Understanding JMP Data Tables, Importing Text Files and Using Column Functions (20:14)12
Importing from Database, Web, SAS and Excel and Using Advanced Column Functions (21:40)12
Recode Basics and Using Row Functions (11:02)12
JMP and R Integration 10No
JMP and R Integration (08:43)10
Meeting Advanced Six Sigma and Quality Challenges 11
Capability Analysis and Screening, Modeling, Comparing Models and Designing Experiments (42:24)11
Mixture Designs 11Yes
Understanding Mixture Designs and Creating Simple Mixture Designs (24:01)11
Creating Complex Mixture Designs (14:08)11
Multivariate Analysis 12No
Multivariate Analysis (05:59)12
Clustering (12:50)12
Principal Component Analysis (06:43)12
Multiple Correspondence Analysis (02:28)12
Factor Analysis (05:54)12
Discriminant Analysis (06:03) 12

New in JMP 12 12No
Data Import, Cleanup and Cleansing (22:14)12
Data Visualization and Exploration (21:19)12
Statistics and Data Mining (03:28)12
Design of Experiments (03:11)12
Quality Engineering and Reliability (03:02)12
Analytical Application Development (01:28)12
Consumer and Customer Research (01:52)12
Specialized Capabilities (07:22)12

JMP® Pro (15:21)12
Preparing Your Data for Analysis 12No
Reshaping Your Data to Answer Questions (17:33)12
Merging and Updating Data (11:01)12
Summarizing and Subsetting (24:32)12
Reliability Analysis - Part 2 12Yes
Reliability Forecast and Growth (18:56)12
Degradation and Destructive Degradation (12:14)12
Reliability Block Diagrams (12:46)12
Saving Analysis Results with Reports and Journals 12Yes
Saving Static Output and Reports (16:02)12
Saving Interactive Reports (07:36)12
Saving to Scripts and Journals (18:16)12
Simplifying JMP No
Getting Value from Data Tables and Saving Work for Reuse (14:29)
Building Applications (17:51)
Setting Preferences and Customizing Menus (11:01)
Specifying and Fitting Models 12No
Modeling Continuous Data (29:05)12
Modeling Categorical Data (15:16)12
Split-Plot and Strip-Plot Design of Experiments No
Overview and Split-Split-Plot Case Study (17:33)
Strip-Plot Case Study and Creating Designs for Legacy Data (15:41)
Tracking and Trending Manufacturing MetricsYes
Control Chart Overview and Using Control Chart Builder (13:46)12
Using the Control Chart Platform (10:45)12
Selecting, Saving, Reusing and Automating, Control Limits (13:54)12
Unlocking the Power of Graph Builder 12Yes
Building and Customizing Waterfall Plots (23:28)12
Building and Customizing Line Graphs (13:58)12
Building and Customizing Heatmaps (14:55)12
Building and Customizing Composite Heatmap, Line and Bar Graphs (12:38)12
Using Definitive Screening Designs to Get More Information from Fewer Trials 11Yes
Understanding DOE and Definitive Screening Designs (18:48)11
Chemical Manufacturing DSD Case Study (23:31)11
Using Geographic Maps 12Yes
Using Map Shape Files Included with JMP (09:47)12
Mapping by Latitude and Longitude (08:10)12
Importing, Preparing and Storing Custom Shape Files (08:30)12
Visualizing Data with Effective Graphics 11No
Using Multidimensional Graph Builder, Creating Bubble Plots and Merging Multiple Interactive Graphs (36:27)11
What's New in JMP 11? 11No
Excel Import Wizard and Graph Preferences (06:52)11
Graph Builder and Variable Transformation (07:58)11
Data Filter and Columns Viewer (07:02)11
Messy and Missing Data (05:32)11
Generalized Regression (JMP Pro) (5:08)11
Application Builder (01:37)11
JMP Scripting Language (03:56)11
Interactive HTML Reports (01:48)11
Working with Excel Data No
Getting Excel Data into JMP (11:41)11
Shaping and Analyzing Excel Data (11:18)11
Reliability Analysis for Non-Repairable Systems12April 27, 2016No
Life Distribution (25:42)April 27, 2016
Fit Life by X and Degradation (19:32)April 27, 2016
Analyzing and Predicting System Failures12May 24, 2016Yes
Visually Exploring System Failure Data (11:50)12May 24, 2016

Modeling and Predicting System Failures Using JMP Pro (26:15)

12May 24, 2016
Pinpointing and Reducing Defects12June 8, 2016Yes
Clustering Spatial Defect Data and Understanding Defect Relationship to Manufacturing Steps   (11:50...12June 8, 2016

Creating and Interpreting Defect 3D Views (7:02)

12June 8, 2016
Discovering and Predicting Patterns Using Neural Network Models12June 22, 2016No
Neural Networks Overview (20:51)12June 22, 2016
Neural Networks Case Studies (25:56)12June 22, 2016



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