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Links to Videos from Advanced Mastering Webcasts

We record Advanced Mastering JMP live webcasts one time during each JMP release cycle and then divide them into mobile-friendly videos. After each live webcast, we may also post, in this Mastering JMP Community, short FAQ Videos from the session.

Not an advanced user or want to review JMP basics? See our table of Mastering JMP videos for new and intermediate JMP users.

Webcast Title Video Segment Title (Video Length mm:ss)JMP Version Used in VideosPrerequisitesResources Related to Videos at Bottom of Webcast Page?
Advanced Mastering JMP: Accessing Databases JMP 12Familiarity with how to locate your organization’s databases; basic SQL.Yes
Part 1: Importing Files and Connecting to Databases (14:13)12
Part 2: Using Query Builder to Query, Aggregate, Join, Save, and Update Data from Databases (32:48)


Advanced Design of Experiments 11Understanding of Design of Experiments principles; basic experience using JMP for DOE. No
Working with Linear Constraints and Handling Blocking and Hard-to-Change Factors (38:32)11
Advanced Mastering JMP: Analyzing Process Capability 12Experience with Statistical Process Control (SPC) and process improvement.Yes
Parametric Process Capability (27:23)12
Non-Parametric Process Capability (04:06)  12
Advanced Mastering JMP: Analyzing Survival Data 12Experience handling data aimed at predicting patient survival times or customer longevity or retention.Yes
Survival Data Analysis Overview and Using Kaplan-Meier Estimates to Understand Medical Data (14:21)12
Using Parametric Survival Models to Understand Medical Data (17:46)12
Using Survival Models to Understand Customer Data (08:49)12
Advanced Mastering JMP: Design Diagnostics 12Understanding of Design of Experiments principles; basic experience using JMP for DOE.Yes
Creating Three Designs (20:47)12
Comparing and Choosing Designs (17:50)12
Advanced Mastering JMP: Linear Mixed Models Using JMP Pro 12Familiarity with issues related to modeling using hierarchically-structured data, correlated measures, or cross-sectional data measured repeatedly over time.Yes
Overview and Random Coefficients Models (13:26)12
Repeated Measures and Panel Data Models (14:27)12
Geospatial Models (07:29)12
Advanced Mastering JMP: Using Generalized Regression in JMP Pro to Create Robust Linear Models 12Understanding of, and experience using, regression techniques on complex data. No
Part 1: Overview and Case Study Using Generalized (Penalized) Regression (39:24)12
Part 2: Overview and Case Study Using Quantile Regression (09:04)12
Advanced Mastering JMP: Using JMP Pro for Predictive Modeling of Consumer Preferences 11Experience handling data related to consumer need and product purchases. No
Interactive Visualization for Customer Analysis (15:10)11
Data Mining and Predictive Modeling (17:13)11
Marketing Experimentation (09:38)11
Advanced Mastering JMP: Using Partial Least Squares - When Ordinary Least Squares Regression Just Wo... 12Understanding of, and experience using, regression techniques.Yes
About PLS (19:15)12
Key Attributes for New Product: Case Study (14:08)12
Multicollinearity Chemometrics: Case Study (08:26)12
Discriminant Analysis for Cancer Risk: Case Study (10:56)12
JMP Scripting Language for Experienced JSL Users – Part 1 12Ability to write and edit basic JSL code.  Understanding of coding principles and use of matrices and associative arrays.No
Comparing Script Methods and Scripting Data Tables (15:09)12
Scripting Cell Properties, Lists and Matrices (17:30)12
Scripting Associative Arrays (05:03)12
JMP Scripting Language for Experienced JSL Users – Part 2 12 Yes
Understanding JMP Dialogs and Reports (16:58)12
Designing User Input Options and Building Boxes (18:06)12
Customizing and Automating Reports (10:12)12

Advanced Mastering JMP Time Series Analysis and Forecasting



Time Series Overview and ARIMA Models (21:18)12

Seasonal ARIMA (08:31)

Transfer Function and X-11 Decomposition Models (11:31)12
Using JMP to Harness the Full Power of SAS 12Knowledge of how to use, and permission to access, internal SAS databases.No
Accessing, Exploring and Analyzing SAS Data (15:03)12

Identifying Issues, Cleaning and Preparing Complicated Data

Finding Missing and Duplicate Information (24:00)12

Checking and Modifying Model Types and Using Recode  (20:55)




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