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JMP Live Web Classes for In-Depth Training

My colleague, Stan Koprowski, recently attended several JMP live web classes so he could review them for us.  He sends a ringing endorsement for their training value.  There is a fee for each course and discounts are available.

Why Attend?

Get the expert JMP training you expect from SAS without ever having to leave your desk.

  • Enjoy real-time interaction with an instructor and classmates right from your desktop.
  • Eliminate travel time and expenses.
  • Reduce time away from work with 3-hour sessions.
  • Learn from an expert instructor who can virtually look over your shoulder.
  • Ask questions and get answers in real-time.
  • Access the latest software via a virtual lab.
  • Receive 20 business days' access to a recording of your course.
  • Optionally, get hard copy course notes.

Course Information

  • JMP live web course list. Click, select Live Web Classroom tab, and then navigate to Advanced Analytics, JMP Statistical Analysis:

10949_JMP Live Web.JPG


What Students Can Expect

  • You can download course materials and also request hard-copy course notes, if you prefer.
  • Four business days before the class you will receive emailed instructions about how to join.
  • If needed, access live technical support during the course ( 919-531-9338 or e-mail




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