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Geographic Mapping - Slides, Files and Journal

PowerPoint accompanying JMP webinar:



.shp files are located:

  • On Windows C:\Program Files\SAS\JMP\version_number\Samples\Import Data
  • On Mac: /Library/Application Support/JMP/version_number/Samples/Import Data

Note:  for JMP PRO, use directory name JMPPRO.


If you cannot see the file, you might need to change the file type to All Files.


If you saved custom map files when using a previous version of JMP, for example JMP 13, you should move the files to the directory for your current version of JMP or JMP Pro:

  • On Windows C:\Program Files\SAS\JMP\14\Maps
  • On Mac: /Library/Application Support/JMP/14/Maps
  • On Windows C:\Program Files\SAS\JMPPRO\14\Maps
  • On Mac: /Library/Application Support/JMPPRO/14/Maps


You may also be interested in the JMP US ZIP Code Maps and the Add-Ins for Geocoding Place Names and Custom Map Creator


Also see the documentation on mapping in JMP.

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