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Discovering and Predicting Patterns Using Neural Network Models - JMP Files and Journal

Files used in @olippincott Olivia Lippincott's Mastering JMP 1-hour session, Discovering and Predicting Patterns Using Neural Network Models. she covers:

  • When to use a Neural Network (When the goal is prediction rather than explanation of complex relationships and behavior.)
  • Example of Complex Relationships
  • What is a Neural Network? (Non Linear Model where response is modeled as a non linear function of various linear combinations of predictors)
  • Inputs/Outputs
  • Hidden Layer Structure
  • Hidden Layer, Two Layer
  • Nodes, Derived Predictors
  • Activation Type/ Activation Function
  • Transformation of a linear combination of the X variables
  • TanH- Sigmoid Function
  • Linear- Identity Function
  • Search Progression
  • Case Study - Prediction for Continuous Output (Predict diabetes disease progression one year after baseline)
  • Case Study- Classification with Categorical Output (Is that Mushroom edible?)
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