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Building Dashboards to Access and Share Updated Analyses - Journal

Dashboards, available beginning with JMP 13, are data visualization tools that JMP users can interactively build to display the current status of JMP reports for data that is pulled in real-time each time the dashboard is run. Users can organize multiple reports onto one dashboard. From a Dashboard report, users can perform all the same actions and analyses that are available when running the report normally using JMP.


JMP Journal used by Jerry Fish in Mastering JMP session.  Videos, and Q&A from are available.

Building Dashboards and Applications - Poster and Tutorial by Dan Shickore

Example Dashboards 


Someone asked how to see the script that saves the Dashboard to the data table.  The usual R-click>Edit from the script name in the Tables Panel does not show the JSL script.


There are two ways:

1. From the script title in the Tables Panel, R-click>Edit.  Then, from the dashboard edit window, Save Script to Script Window.


edit script.JPGFirst Edit from the Dashboard Title in the Tables Panel


save script to script window.JPGSecond, Save Script To Script Window














script in script window.JPGView script in Script Window














2. Alternately, choose Debug Script from the Dashboard Title in the Tables Panel to see the script.

Run Debugscript.JPGAlternately, First Choose Debug Script from the Dashboard Title in the Tables Panel



















script debug.JPGThen, view script in Debug window.





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