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Basics for Using Graph Builder - Journal and Files

Journal and files useful for practicing what you saw at live or on-demand Mastering JMP session on the basics for using Graph Builder. View the Video 


Graph Builder's 'sketch pad' includes drop zones, buttons on the top left that change according to the variables and type of graph you create, a list of your columns (variable names) on the left, and icons at the top for the types of graphical display and analysis you can choose. Like all JMP platforms, Graph Builder is context-sensitive and the red triangle options let you customize appearance and analysis. So, as you start dragging and dropping variables, the options change.  For example, after you start the graph, the available icons for suitable graphs (like bar charts) will be active; the others will be greyed out. 


In the live webinar, Christian showed a map with baseball locations and drill-down "graphlets" (new in JMP v15) to demonstrate where you might take your data visualizations.  If you're interested in the baseball data, you can start with Sean Lahman's baseball dataset.   The two files you'll need for the map of the baseball field are in Christian's .zip file:

- Field w Shirts 2-XY.jmp
- Field w Shirts 2-Name.jmp

Your Position variable in your data table will be the variable assigned to the Map Shape role in Graph Builder.   To learn more about how to use them visit: To learn more about how to use them visit:  https://www.jmp.com/support/help/en/15.1/index.shtml#page/jmp/map-shape.shtml