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Basic JSL for Automating Workflows - Journal with Scripts

Journal with sample scripts used by Byron Wingerd in his Mastering JMP webcast, Basic JSL fro Automating Workflows. He covers:


  • Basic JSL syntax and structure
  • Focus is on Dialogs
  • Selection Inputs: Check, and Text boxes, and Sliders
  • Capturing paths and file names
  • Capturing Column Names
  • Methods: Copy and Paste from the Scripting Index

What is the JMP Scripting Language (JSL) Like? It is an Imperative, Interactive, Interpreted, Impure Functional, Language with hints of a 4th generation language like SAS. JMP is a "Scripting language." Scripting languages are designed to automate tasks that usually involve interacting with an external program.  Often complex application programs provide some sort of a built-in languages that lets users automate repetitive tasks. Function Based Language:  Much of JSL's coding is based on using a function filled with arguments to accomplish tasks.

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