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Advanced Mastering: Using JMP 13 for Marketing Analytics and Consumer Research - Journal and Files

Journal and files used in Jian Cao's JMP 13 Advanced Mastering JMP live webcast.   


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In the JMP 14 webcast by Jian, he talks about Multifactor Analysis.


I have structured my data similarly such that each row in the table is a product and the columns are the n product features by panelists (i.e., the columns are grouped by panelist), and I have performed PCA on all the columns.  What is most important to product developers is the score plot- a 2-D plot where products fall on the Dim 1 vs Dim 2 map.


Can new products be introduced into the table to find out where they fall relative to the original products that were used to create the score plot?  I know this can be done in a "regular" PCA map obtained from data where each row is a product and each column is the mean rating/value for each feature.  One simply enters a new row for the new product and inputs its features in the columns.  The PCA map reveals the placement of the new product.  How may this be done in MFA mode?

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