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2 Important Things for Today

This is a very busy time of year around the JMP Division at SAS. As the season changes and the lazy summertime heat begins to fade into the crisp mornings and pleasant afternoons of autumn the pace begins to pick up as we prepare for one of the biggest events of our year.

In an effort to share our workload, here are two things you can do today!

Next week, we'll welcome hundreds of JMP users to our campus for three days of presentations, keynotes, and conversations about best practices in spreading analytic excellence at Discovery Summit. If you're not registered, it's not too late. The folks at Discovery will be among the first to see John Sall show off the new features in JMP 13 and JMP Pro 13​, but you're among the first to find how to get it right now!

1. Request JMP 13 for your site today

That's right, you can get JMP 13 for your annual license site this week, before the official launch next Wednesday. If you're the administrator for your license, just go to to request JMP 13. If you're not the administrator, go find them and ask them to go to to request it for you. Trust me, you'll want to get your hands on and data into one of our biggest releases ever.

2. Share your JMP experience

One of the best things about Discovery Summit is the opportunity to hear JMP users present the ways that they use JMP to solve critical business problems, but that doesn't happen if users aren't willing to share their knowledge and experiences. We'd love to hear your story at Discovery Summit Europe 2017 in Prague next March. The call for papers for our European conference is open now – but not for much longer. Take a moment and submit a brief description of how you've been successful with JMP. You don't need more than a couple hundred words at this point.

Please consider this opportunity to contribute to the best conference on analytics next year.

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