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Select a Means Compare Circle in the Oneway Platform Report


You want to select one of the comparison circles produced by the Compare Means options in the Oneway platform. This is the JSL equivalent of clicking on one of the comparison circles to select it, and it results in all of the circles in the report getting colored according to the results of the means comparison.


You can send the Select Group() message to the Oneway object and specify the group corresponding to the circle you want to select.


dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA\Big Class.jmp" );
ow = dt << Oneway(
	Y( :height ), 
	X( :age ), 
	All Pairs( 1 ), 
	Comparison Circles( 1 ), 
	SendToReport( Dispatch( {}, "Means Comparisons", OutlineBox, {Close( 1 )} ) )

ow << Select Group( 12 );


If you make a selection and then request further options from the Compare Means submenu, you have to send the Select Group() message again to have the selection appear in all of the comparison circles plots.

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