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The best resources for learning JMP

NewUserWelcomeKit_New.PNGThe New User Welcome Kit will give you an excellent foundation for working with JMP. It's one of many resources useful for learning JMP.

If you're new to JMP. you may be wondering how to get started learning to use JMP effectively. If so, we've got a number of great resources to help you along the way to make sure you're getting all out of JMP that you can. Whether you're looking for JMP tutorials, JMP books or formal training classes, we've got you covered.

  1. New User Welcome Kit - The Welcome Kit is a self-paced, interactive tour through JMP. It's got short videos and hand-on activities to reinforce what you've learned. Starting with your first launch to getting your data in and all the way to sharing your results, the Welcome Kit will give you an excellent foundation for working with JMP.
  2. Getting Started with JMP webinar - This live webinar will introduce you to the essential concepts and features of JMP in just under an hour. 
  3. Mastering JMP webinars - Another set of live webinars, also available on demand, that introduce you to the platforms and features in JMP and will give you the confidence to explore the capabilities of JMP.
  4. Books - If you prefer to read, there are some good resources for you. A good introductory text comes installed with JMP. Look in the Help menu for Books -> Discovering JMP. If you want to purchase a longer text, JMP Essentials provides just that: an overview of the essential elements of JMP. There are lots of other books about JMP available, too.
  5. Training Courses - Whether you're looking for a classroom course, live web training, or e-learning on your own, we've got an option for you.

As you progress if you have questions or difficulties using JMP, don't hesitate to post your question in the Discussions forum. JMP experts from around the world are available to help you understand how JMP works and how to use it to solve your problem.