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Excel Import Improvement: Show Row Numbers and Column Labels in import preview

A nice enhancement to the Excel import utility would be to have the Excel row numbers and column labels displayed in the import preview.  It is easy for me to go into excel and see that headers are in rows 8,  data in rows 9-XX, and columns are A-J, but then translating that to the settings in the importer requires some arithmetic in my head.  


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great idea!  Not realizing this forum, I had just made this same request yesterday.  

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Visiting this again.  I think that overall, while the Excel Import Wizard is really great, it still needs improvement.  Another issue, that has been around since v13 (was that when the Excel Import Wizard was introduced?), is that if the Excel sheet has all blank rows at the top of the sheet, the import wizard ignores those rows in the count of rows.   For instance, see the screen shot of an excel sheet below.  


The excel import wizard makes you specify that the column headers start on row 2 but in the excel sheet the column headers start on row 3 .


1-29-2020 8-56-09 PM.png


This problem is described here, and this really could use some improvement to use the actual Excel cell referencing for the location of the data being imported.