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Users Group Lunch at Discovery Europe?

At Discovery in the US we have, traditionally, had a special lunch event on the first day for users group leaders.

This lunch provides an opportunity for regional user group leaders to meet each other and discuss the issues surrounding users group organization.

As we plan our first Discovery Europe, we'd like to know if there's interest in this kind of lunch?

Please reply below with your interest (or why not) and suggest any topics you'd like to discuss at the lunch.

I'll look forward to meeting each of you in Brussels!



Re: Users Group Lunch at Discovery Europe?

I've found these events useful at the USA Summits, as (1) a chance to meet active JMP community leaders, who by their nature often happen to be people willing to collaborate and share ideas. (2) a chance to benchmark your own regional JMP User group with those elsewhere.

It was interesting to see the benefits of population density impacting on the nature of how meetings were organised and run.

I'm currently interested in how to use JMP features such as the Journal, simulations etc to help generate uptake of new techniques by showing how simple and intuitive some fo these (often under-utilised) techniques are


Re: Users Group Lunch at Discovery Europe?

Yes, I'd like to have a users group lunch in Brussels! An interesting topic for me would be how others organize their regional user group meetings.

Thank you! - Katharina

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