World Statistics Day was yesterday, but we’re celebrating all week long! This celebration means acknowledging the impact statistics has on our world. Who is your favorite statistician? Share with us who they are and why they top your favorites list.
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Re-cap of today's discussion at the JMP Users Group Leader Lunch

Thanks again for everyone who attended today's lunch. Lots of good discussion and ideas. Here are the notes from today, in case you are interested.


Discussion Topic- How to Increase Membership

  • partner with a local university
  • focus on more general topics/the content seems to drive participation. encourage speakers to use public data (when they are in an industry with sensitive data)/encourage use of case studies
  • traffic is a challenge in many cities- consider alternating locations for meetings
  • meeting on work time (day) or evening meetings- no consensus reached by group on this one- may depend on your group members....
  • polling/surveying your group can help
  • have a leadership team to share planning workload
  • have a data challenge meeting with prizes
  • can group name have an impact? e.g. "analytics" group vs. "JMP" group?
  • many members may need points for certification/CEU's- give points for attendance and especially for presenting
    • every new employee/JMP user at a company automatically gets added to the group, ditto their manager
    • use WebEx or similar technology to connect with users at other locations
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