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Discovery Summit 2018: Winning papers and e-posters announced

discoverysummit2018breakoutsession.jpegDiscovery Summit attendees hear a paper presentation.The Discovery Summit 2018 conference was a gathering of some of the most interesting data analysts around. A key feature of every Discovery Summit is the variety of talks led by JMP users. These talks, based on papers and e-posters, show how JMP users are exploring data and overcoming obstacles.

Attendees voted for their favorite papers and e-posters, and the winners were announced at the closing session.

Discovery Summit 2018 paper and e-poster winners are:

Best Invited Paper

Applying Multivariate Statistical Techniques in the Study of Chocolate and Its Potential Effects on ...
Charles Chen
Mason Chen | Stanford University

Best Contributed Paper
Just Survive Somehow: An Exploration of the Storylines, Characters and Audience Reactions in Our Fav...
Ruth Hummel | SAS
Clay Barker | SAS

Best Poster
Predictors of Childbirth Satisfaction in the United States Military
Melissa Gliner | US Army Office of the Surgeon General’s Decision Support Center
Kenneth Kovats | US Army MEDCOM Analysis and Evaluation Division

Dawn Garcia | US Army MEDCOM Analysis and Evaluation Division

Richard Thorp | US Army MEDCOM

Best Student Poster
Using JMP To Analyze Factors That Predict Depression
Grant Reeves | Oklahoma State University
Moumita Sen | Oklahoma State University
Brandon Millikin | Oklahoma State University

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Community Trekker

@masonchen2005 Nice work on winning best invited paper! Look forward to understanding better your PCA, Clustering and advanced DOE approach and in pariticular implementing bi-plot correlation analysis  to advance our future work in understanding Coffee nutrition for potential impact on overall health and disease prevention.