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Distribution Calculator

The Distribution Calculator calculates and visually depicts probabilities and percentiles for 26 distributions, including the normal, t, Chi-square, F, Poisson, Binomial, Negative Binomial, Hypergeometric, Beta, Gamma and Weibull.

Includes controls for the appropriate parameters for the given distribution.

Watch video.

Note:  To access this script, install the add-in at Collection: Interactive Teaching Modules.  As of JMP 12 you can also run these modules from Help > Sample Data (under Teaching Resources >Teaching Scripts > Interactive Teaching Modules). In JMP 12 Student Edition, you can run these modules directly from Help > Teaching Demos.


Additional distributions have been added since the recording of the video, and the probability options have been updated.  Here is a list of the distributions the calculator supports:


Revision History:

  • May 2015.  Fixed an issue with the signs in the probability options.
  • Sept 2016.  Optimized to run in JMP 13.

Suggestions? Comments? Please reach out to JMP Academic's Mia Stephens or Julian Parris.


Hi Mia,

This was exactly what I was looking for. However, it does not work in continental Europe where "," is the decimal separator. A mean of "95,3" and S of "12,2" results in errors. In the code, the comma is used to filter the input parameters (I'm new to JMP)?

Can you fix this?



UPDATE: I found an temp fix myself: jmp menu > file > preferences > windows specific > display language > [english] + mark "use JMP language...for number, date and currency formats"

A user at Discovery Summit in Amsterdam also mentioned that he wished Distribution Calculator worked with European settings.