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Episode 1 (April 3, 2020)

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The Monologue:
Today I Learned Something Really Good: Supercomputers, Exaflops, and Folding@Home


Featured Program


Lessons from a Kaggle Winner 

Kaggle is the world's largest data science community, bringing together tools, data and thousands of talented data scientists to help solve some of the world’s most complicated and pressing problems. In this segment, Anne Milley interviews Russ Wolfinger, Director of Scientific Discovery at JMP and a Kaggle Grandmaster to learn his secrets of winning Kaggle competitions. Wolfinger is currently participating in a new rapid-response weekly competition series running in community. In Lessons from a Kaggle Champion, Russ will discuss the competition and demonstrate how he’s using the new XGBoost add-in for JMP Pro to accurately forecast coronavirus trends worldwide using only three basic features. Russ’ presentation is the featured segment of the April 6th episode of JMP On-Air.


Tip of the Day


Setting Preferences 

When inheriting JMP reports, sometimes they won’t look like the way you want, or need, them to. Luckily customizing is easy in JMP. In this episode of Tip of the Day, Pete and Mary show you how adjust your preferences to modify your report and how to make those changes permanent, so that you don’t have to modify them every time you generate the report.


Ask the Data Doctor


The Doctor Cures  Your Date and Time Import Problems  

If you work with data for any amount of time, you’re almost certainly going to encounter date and time issues along the way. In this episode of Ask the Data Doctor, Brady Brady shows you how to simple it is in JMP to shape, reshape or change your data – in particular date and time data – to make it look the way you want or need it to. Brady will also give you a brief look at how JMP reads, interprets and displays dates and times.


Resource Spotlight


JMP User Community 

Regardless of where you are in your JMP journey, the JMP User Community is for you. Hosted by the JMP Division of SAS the community is designed to facilitate the exchange of technical information related JMP products, services and the sharing of best practices. In this session you’ll learn how you can solve problems, explore JMP resources and get the add ins you need to be the best JMP user possible.


Stretch Break Go Stretch  
JMP Can Do That?


Abstract Art  

In this, the first episode of JMP Can Do That, Jordan Hiller talks with JMP master Craige Hales to learn how he creates works of art using just JMP Scripting Language (JSL). Take a look at the unusual, interesting and sometimes just silly projects Craige has made using JMP software and JMP interactive visualizations. You’re sure to be amazed by what’s possible in JMP – and certain to ask yourself: JMP Can Do That?


Stats Snack


One-Way ANOVA 
Are higher priority jobs being completed more quickly than medium or lower priority jobs? Is breaking strength the same between different processes? Do different dosages of the same type of drug affect patient pain levels. These are the sorts of questions one can answer using one-way ANOVA. The one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) is used to determine whether there are any statistically significant differences between the means of two or more independent groups. JMP Systems Engineer Olivia Lippincott shows us ANOVA in action using JMP.


JMP in Action


The Essentials of Graph Builder 
Graph Builder is JMP's interactive, go-to graphing platform that allows you to quickly and easily visualize your data. In this session, Laura Higgins shows you the basics of Graph Builder and how you can use it to power up your data analytic and JMP skills.


Have You Tried?


The Prediction Profiler 
Learn how to use JMP's Prediction Profiler, a tool that gives you a wealth of information about your model. You'll learn how to use the Prediction Profiler to see how your prediction model changes as you change settings of individual factors; set desirability goals for your response or responses, and find optimal settings for your factors; and so much more.


Closing The Last 5 @julian 



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Really impressive work. Great job to everyone involved!

Ryan,  I wanted to give some feedback for the JMP On Air broadcast.  First, thanks much to all of the participants and folks working behind the scenes to put this together.  It was both fun and informative!  I'm looking forward to the next one since I'm stuck at home like everyone else.  Keep up the good work!

Some feedback:

1. I had some difficulty getting to the broadcast (and it might just be me).  I subscribed to the event several days ago and never received a confirmatory email.  I have since received this after notifying the person whom invited me to join.  When I tried to join today, it kept going to the subscribe page (and fill out all my info again).

2. A thought for future broadcasts would be to invite guest presenters from outside JMP.  Perhaps folks using JMP in various applications.

Hi @statman. Thank you for the feedback. We are happy to hear that you enjoyed the broadcast.


Regarding the items you mentioned:


  1. We discovered that emails were being marked as spam so registrants did not receive all messages. Adjustments were made so hopefully the emails are now reaching the intended recipients. If you are not receiving the reminder emails, please let us know.
  2. The producers of JMP On Air are working to schedule presenters outside of the JMP division for future episodes.

Agreed, great presentation jam-packed with wonderful information and insights even for me a JMP user for over 8 years.  Keep up the great work!