A Best-In-Class Analytics Conference

What is Discovery Summit?

It's a conference series that is designed to bring accomplished and curious people together to tackle the challenge of improving how data are explored, analyzed and shared. Attendees come from top companies and prestigious universities. They are scientists and engineers - they are statisticians and authors. They champion innovation in their organizations, and they drive continuous improvement across their companies.

Why You Should Attend Discovery Summit

Paper Presentations

Experience and engage with the dynamic methods in which JMP users from notable organizations explore data and overcome obstacles.

Meet the Experts

Engage with the people behind the software, ask questions about features and functionality, and give feedback that could influence future development direction.

Plenary Talks

Find inspiration during thought-provoking keynotes from leading experts on analytics and technology.

Poster Presentations

Witness the methodology behind a class assignment, a research project, or a business application.

Learning & Networking

Facilitate connections, collaborations and knowledge exchange amongst fellow JMP users with diverse statistical backgrounds from around the globe.