Gradebook Tools Add-In

This add-in is featured in our Grading and Assessment Webinar here:



This add-in includes five tools for managing gradebooks and assessment in JMP. This includes

  • Individual Dataset Exporter (for creating individualized data for exams)

  • Create comparison column with tolerance (for grading answers)

  • Creating a formula column to drop the lowest k columns

  • Creating formula columns to calculate percent of max

  • Create formula column for generating letter grades




Individual dataset exporter

This tool extracts individual data table from a master data table, useful when creating individual data tables for students based on a master data table. Dataset identifier column must be numbered sequentially.  Tables can be saved as JMP or CSV, and the prefix for each table can be specified.


Create comparison column with tolerance:

This tool generates a new formula column that returns the specified values if cells match across the selected column. A tolerance (absolute or proportion) can be specified if exact matches are not necessary.


Create formula column to drop lowest k columns

This tool generates a formula column calculating a sum or average based on the selected columns, dropping the lowest k.


Creating formula columns to calculate percent of max

This tool generates a formula column or columns calculating the percent out of the maximum for each column


Creating formula columns to generate letter grade

This tool generates a formula column of letter grades based on whatever critera you choose






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