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WildTrack wows crowd at SAS Austin office

Sky Alibhai and Zoe Jewell, wildlife biologists and founders of WildTrack, were a bit hit at the SAS Austin office Sept. 23. They showed their work in applying JMP customization, visualization and analytics to study animal footprints in order to find a better way to track endangered species. 

Sky and Zoe showed how JMP custom scripting allowed the easy measuring and storing of animal tracks for future reference. Then they used JMP grouping tools such as discriminant analysis and clustering to match new tracks to those already recorded. Finally, they used powerful JMP visualizations and mapping to observe the movements of the animals over time. This resulted in the creation of a highly accurate system that can track animal movements and estimate the size of their population -- all through observing the tracks they left.

They recently brought their revolutionary work to the Southwest USA and have applied this tracking methodology to help understand the size and movement of the mountain lion population in Texas.

To learn more about how JMP software works for WildTrack, please read the full customer story.

And to learn more about WildTrack, check out their YouTube videos.

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Chris Hemedinger wrote:

I saw Sky and Zoe speak to a crowd of high school students a couple of years ago. This generation of high school students tends to be very environmentally conscious, and so this topic was a very effective hook to get the kids really interested in a discussion about analytics, and about how a career in science and math can be socially rewarding. (That's "socially", in the sense that it contributes tremendous value to society.)