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Feb 27, 2013

White Paper Simplifies Confidence, Prediction, Tolerance Intervals

Statistical intervals can be confusing, even in the minds of those who use them often.


José Ramirez, from W.L. Gore & Associates of GORE-TEX® fabric fame, offers a white paper that uses an easy-to-understand manufacturing example to describe the differences between confidence, prediction and tolerance (enclosure) intervals. He provides formulas plus the simple steps for implementing each interval type using JMP menus.


See if you find José's style as engaging and easy to follow as I did. If so, I have good news for you. He covers more statistical concepts in Chapter 2 of a book he is co-authoring with Brenda Ramirez for SAS Press. Their step-by-step guide for analyzing and interpreting continuous data using JMP will be in print at the end of this year.


Interested in meeting José? He's presenting at Discovery 2008 June 16-17 at SAS headquarters in Cary, NC. Register by May 15 for a discount. Or register with a friend, and you'll each get an iPod Shuffle.





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Community Member

Byron wrote:

If you've ever been stuck trying to quickly explain the differences between what CIs, TIs, and PIs can tell you, the summary table at the end wil be useful.