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What's New in JMP 9 Documentation

When I looked at the list of books that came with JMP 9, I noticed interesting changes, which the JMP documentation team (Susan Conaghan, Melanie Drake, Jonathan Gatlin and Sheila Loring) explained to me. The changes are part of their ongoing project to upgrade JMP documentation.

Here's how you can view the books in JMP 9: Help>Books

Stats and Graphs – Now Three Books. The two-volume Statistics and Graphics Guide is now three books. Basic Statistics and Graphing covers basic graphing functionality and univariate analyses such as distributions, Fit Y by X and matched pairs. Modeling and Multivariate Methods covers fitting models, multivariate analyses, surface plot and profiling. Quality and Reliability Methods documents reliability tools (including new degradation and test planning techniques), control charts and other analyses used for Six Sigma and quality approaches.

These three books follow a new format: examples, overview, how to launch the analysis platform, and perform detailed analyses, report details and statistical details.

Improved Introductory Guide: Discovering JMP. This book is organized by what you may want to do: visualize data, analyze data, save results or share results.

New Tips of the Day. The first seven tips help you use the new Windows interface. Windows users should consider reviewing these tips after installing JMP 9.

New Tutorials. There is a new tutorial on two-way ANOVA, plus three new tutorials on working with tables: Beginning Join, Matched Join and Stack.

Updated Scripting Guide. Chapter 10 documents the new integration with the R open-source statistical programming language, plus the ability to create add-ins, which is a powerful way to share and deploy JSL (JMP Scripting Language) code. Chapter 11 documents new namespace options for JSL.

Working with Other Software Programs. Chapter 11 of the Using JMP book covers connecting to and working with other applications, including how to use the new Microsoft Excel add-in.

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