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What a difference a year makes for JMP Genomics

All of us on the JMP Genomics team are looking forward to the JMP User Conference this next week. Thanks very much to the organizers in SAS Education, who supported us in becoming a full part of the conference after graciously hosting the G2006 seminar/training last year to help launch JMP Genomics. I attended that day of the JMP User Conference last year just prior to starting as JMP Genomics product manager, in fact. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since I started, but that’s a topic for a whole other blog entry! I never could have imagined all I’d learn and do in the first year on the job as product manager for JMP Genomics. What an interesting job it is, sitting amongst development, marketing, sales and support. But I digress…

This year, the JMP Genomics team is hosting an Introduction to JMP Genomics training on Monday June 11th (that's today), a Genomics track on Tuesday June 12th, and an Advanced JMP Genomics training on Wednesday June 13th. Tonight features a dinner at John Sall’s house and Tuesday night a dinner at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Although we’re a relatively young product, we’ve attracted a mix of dedicated power users and prospects to the training and speaker tracks, and look forward to attendance by JMP users who are interested in genomics as well. We’ll also have attendees from our partner Ingenuity Systems, developers of Ingenuity Pathways Analysis software. In fact, I’ve just returned from the Ingenuity User Group Meeting held June 4-5 in San Francisco! All in all, our JMP Genomics team is thrilled to be a part of the JMP User Conference, and thanks again to SAS Education for all the planning they have done to hold this conference for JMP and JMP Genomics users.

As the JMP Genomics user base continues to expand, we’re looking forward to welcoming many new users to future JMP User Conferences on the SAS campus in Cary. Having just hosted the 7th Face-to-Face MAQC meeting May 24-25 here at SAS, I know many of the attendees were amazed at the size and beauty of the SAS campus. If you’re not going to be here this year, you really should plan to make it next year! How many other times will you get to have dinner at John Sall’s house and talk to him about JMP and how much you love it?

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