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Video: Using Recode in JMP for data preparation

Data preparation before modeling is an unavoidable chore. One of the most time-consuming tasks can be cleaning up categorical data that may have misspellings, inconsistent capitalization and abbreviations, and the like. The Recode tool in JMP makes data prep a lot easier.

Watch this video by my colleague Ryan DeWitt to learn about the Group Similar Values option, which lets you group categories that are almost the same. Group Similar Values lets you ignore such things as case, non-printable characters, whitespace and punctuation.

In the video, he also covers these other Recode options: Convert to Titlecase, Convert to Uppercase, Convert to Lowercase, Trim Whitespace, Collapse Whitespace, First Word and Last Word, All But First Word, and All But Last Word.

If you have JMP 12 or the trial version, you can follow along using the same sample  data set that Ryan uses for the example in the video.


Read more about Recode right here in the JMP Blog.

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