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Video Case Study: Explore and Leverage Historical Data

On April 28, Jami Hampton presented a case study using historical data to help determine the cost and cause of a company's late shipments. The company's goal? To improve its processes to ship on time and and increase profitability. Some of the customers charged the company when they received their orders late; others did not. And, there were other complicating factors that affected the company's analysis of the problem.

See a video of her presentation. If you want to play with the data and try the analytical techniques Jami used, log into the JMP File Exchange, download the data and scripts and have at it! The case study was originally created by JMP Technical Specialist Scott Wise, and he or Jami welcome your comments or questions via this blog post.

Other videos and demos from the Mastering JMP Thursday webcasts are available on demand. It's not too late to register for the remaining Thursday live webcasts we offer this May.

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