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Using JMP to Teach Statistics

As a full-time JMP instructor, I know that JMP is a wonderful tool for teaching statistics. In addition to its built-in procedures for many common statistics and interactive graphics, the JMP scripting language (JSL) can tailor the behavior or appearance of these tools to exactly match the needs of the instructor. Even more, JSL can make stand-alone, interactive demonstrations. Many such applications have been published on the JMP Web site, under Resource Center and User Community.

SAS Education is not the only 'school' to exploit JSL for teaching. Many universities have adopted JMP for teaching and research. I was particulary heartened to see a popular poster presentation at the recent Joint Statistical Meetings in Salt Lake City by Amy Froelich (Iowa State University) and William Duckworth (Creighton University). They showed how JMP scripts have been used to teach many concepts in their introductory statistics course, including: relationship between mean and median, normal quantile plots, regression and residual plots, sampling distributions, central limit theorem, comparison between normal and Student t distribution in inference for the mean, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and 2x2 contingency table analysis. They graciously provide the activities described in their poster through the Statistics Education Materials Repository at Iowa State University.

If you are interested in using JMP to teach statistics, please contact us for more information right away!

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