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Jun 13, 2014

Using JMP Bubble Plots Without a Time Dimension

Bubble plots in JMP are a great way to see how values change over time. But they also allow for the viewer to see so many variables (or dimensions) at one glance. So they can be a valuable visualization tool to view data without a time dimension. Think of that dimension as a page dimension for a book of reports -- or in this case, a set of graphs.

In the example below, which uses performance results by product, I selected the Distribution Channel in place of my time dimension. I created four quadrants and can see the other variables as shown below:

Now, when I click on the Step button, I can page through all my channels and see the results by channel. You'll see three "pages" of bubble plots.

So the bubble plot is not only a way to show changes in values over time. You can use it in very creative ways to show data over any variable.

Can you think of other examples where you could use the bubble plot in this way?