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Users Groups Are Springing Up Everywhere

If you’ve been watching our Web site for the last few years, you’ve seen JMP users groups springing up across the country. It’s been this really beautiful, organic growth seeded by a love of statistical discovery and nurtured by a desire to share best practices and build a community of like-minded data people.

These groups are run by JMP users. Meetings are planned by JMP users. Itineraries are set by JMP users. You get the picture. Users run the show. We simply provide support -- more when the users groups are just starting up, less as they become more established and able to flourish on their own.

Why am I telling you this? Because the future is full of customer-guided events. You are just getting started. As a JMP user, you need to know which users groups are where so that you can join in on the fun. And if there’s not one in your region, you may want to start one. Contact me to get one going.

Check out our Users Groups Web pages. You may be surprised at just how active our users are.

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