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Two truths and a lie about Dick De Veaux

Which of the following statements about our next featured guest for Analytically Speaking is NOT true? First, let me help you in revealing that we are very fortunate to be joined on April 18 by Dick De Veaux, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Williams College (and expert in applied statistics).

Professor De Veaux:

  • Has been noted as the official statistician for the Grateful Dead.
  • Was injured at a statistical conference with Stu Hunter  after jumping off the stage.
  • Obtained French citizenship and has studied painting under Jean Dupuy.
  • Which are the truths, and which is the lie?

    Well, I will not reveal the lie here but hope you’ll register to tune in on Thursday at 1 p.m. EST to find out the answer.  During this interview, he'll share best practices on:

    • Identifying appropriate problems for predictive analytics.
    • Exploring and preparing data for analysis.
    • Using a variety of techniques to build accurate predictive models.
    • Evaluating the quality of data mining models.
    • You’ll also have an opportunity to ask him your questions during our live Q&A session at the conclusion of the webcast.

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