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Feb 27, 2013

Turning On Laser Pointer in JMP

At every live Webcast, we get questions about how the presenter circles information in JMP. This tool, called the Laser Pointer, lets you temporarily draw attention to parts of a report. The colored line of the laser pointer persists until you release the mouse button.

Laser Pointer works on JMP report locations where JMP uses a left-pointing arrow. For example, in the picture below, I drew attention to Level using a red laser pointer.

Laser Pointer is a Preference for JMP Reports. The default is Off. Instructions for changing this Preference are found in JMP 8 in Tips and Tricks #32.

1. File > Preferences (Windows/Linux) or JMP > Preferences (Macintosh).

2. Click the Reports category.

3. From the Laser pointer menu, select to turn it off, or select the color you want the laser.

By the way, in JMP 8, there are 34 other tips that you might find valuable. If tips don’t automatically display for you in JMP 8, access them using Help>Tip of the Day. Then, use the Next Tip and Previous Tip buttons to scroll through.

The 35 tips are also on in the User Community, where you can also access the JMP File Exchange, JMP Users Groups information and more.

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