Our World Statistics Day conversations have been a great reminder of how much statistics can inform our lives. Do you have an example of how statistics has made a difference in your life? Share your story with the Community!
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Training Changes

The JMP training and technical services department is feverishly working on new versions of all of the courses in our regular* curriculum that will incorporate the new features available in JMP 7 and new ways to work with your data. Updating our training is not just about new software features, though. We listen to our students in every class and take their comments and suggestions to heart. Even our oldest courses continue to evolve as we update topics and improve the lessons, demonstrations, and examples.

We hope after this round of revision that all of the regular JMP courses are available in both formats. The first and original format is intended for a class room, either in one of our training centers or at your site. The other format is newer Live Web, which enables anyone to attend a virtual class from the convenience of their own office or home.

After we finish this work, we will turn our attention to our wish list of ideas for new courses to cover topics that are not currently available. Some of these courses might help beginners achieve more control over their data. Other ideas address advanced topics in design of experiments or analytics and model building. What courses would you like SAS to offer for JMP users?

*The regular courses do not include any titles that are part of the Training for Six Sigma curriculum.

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