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Top-rated conference papers and posters

One of the best reasons to attend a Discovery Summit conference is to learn from other JMP users. The conference features high-quality paper and poster presentations that show how using  JMP helped to solve a business problem. The recent meeting in Amsterdam was no exception to this.

Fortunately, many of the Discovery Summit Europe presenters have posted materials related to their presentations in the JMP User Community. And this is something everyone has access to!

Attendees submitted ratings for papers and posters, and we recognized the highest-rated papers and posters during the final plenary gathering at the conference.

The top-rated and prize-winning posters and papers from Discovery Summit Europe 2016 are listed below. The first paper in each list is the winner for the category.

Best Contributed Paper:

  1. Test Time Reduction and Predictive Analysis Using Optimised Flow Based on D-Optimal Design, Principa... by Alain Gautier of Rockwell Collins
  2. Skeletons and Flying Carpets: A Step Beyond Profiles and Contours to Explore Multiple Response Surfa... by Christian Ritter of Ritter and Danielson Consulting
  3. Outlier Screening in Test of Automotive Semiconductors: Use of JMP Pro 12 Multivariate Analysis Plat... by Corinne Bergès of NXP
  4. Best Invited Paper (by a SAS employee): 

    1. Object-Oriented JSL – Techniques for Writing Maintainable/Extendable JSL Code by Drew Foglia
    2. Powerful Analysis of Definitive Screening Designs: Taking Advantage of Their Special Structure by Bradley Jones
    3. Run Program – The JMP Link to Other Programs by Michael Hecht
    4. Best Poster: 

      1. Beating Complexity in Automated Method Qualification via Tailored Split-Split-Plot Design With JMP P... by Davy van den Bosch, Zhiwu Liang and Pablo Moreno Pelaez of Procter & Gamble
      2. Analysis of a Waste Management Process Using Principal Components Analysis and Data Visualisation by Marco Reis of the University of Coimbra
      3. Using Physical and Computer Models to Teach DOE by Sam Gardner of Elanco
      4. Check out these papers and posters as well as all the others in the JMP User Community.

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